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About O’ways

O’ways Teacafé is an integration of the finest elements of nature and life, fused together into a complete whole. The potent natural energy of the earth and it’s plant gifts combine to produce delicious specialty teas, bold coffee blends and a wide range of exquisite food entrees. These elements combine with the human element of connection to create an atmosphere that is a unique emergence of the best of a teahouse, a coffeshop and a restaurant into a new blend : Teacafe. The O represents the circular energy of the universe and the aim is to, along with offering quality products, send positive energy beyond the walls of the Teacafe and into the world for positive change.

The Oways logo symbolizes the integration of the core elements that combine to create an experience that is rare and powerful. The two circles represent the Ying and Yang of the contrasting energies of Tea and Coffee and the dish hints at the aspect of natural food that brings people together, not just for substance, but also for deeper relationship. The final and important life giving element is the drop of water that honors water as a source of the life and energy that is poured into all that we create.


The menu will change seasonally to keep it fresh and to stay in harmony with the gifts that mother nature offers. Our menu has four parts: Let’s breakfast, Let’s lunch, Let’s go East and daily featured desserts . The result is an invitation to savour something new. We are also available for offsite catering services with the following agreements. Your event does not include meat or alcohol.

A highlight of the café is the ceremonial tea table, which can be booked for tea ceremonies led by master tea merchant Mingwei Tsai.

Takeaways are available for people on the go and there is a retail section selling bags of Nigiro tea leaves, Origin coffee beans as well as tea and coffee utensils such as canisters, cups and saucers and tea pots.

O’ways Teacafé seats 60 to 80 people and is situated at Shop 2, Heritage House, 20 Dreyer Street, Claremont. It is open from 7.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, from 9am to 2pm on Saturday, and closed on Sunday. The unique and pleasing atmosphere of O’ways Teacafé can also be secured for functions . For reservations call (021) 671 2850.


Speciality coffee beans sourced from Africa and transformed through artisan roasting are expertly brewed by barista’s trained at the Origin Coffee Roasting Company.


The menu offers more than 100 Nigiro teas, sourced from the great origins including Africa and Asia, and steeped to perfection in glass tea pots. Along with our tea appreciation events, we also are available for more intimate tea ceremonies. Please contact us to book one for you and your companions today. Tea Tastings and Tea Ceremonies can be arranged… Any time is teatime… Come and enjoy a personal tea tasting session by yourself or a joint tea session with your family and friends, tea for wedding, or a solemn serene tea ceremony for individual or group.

Origin Coffee Roasting

By giving credence to the artisans of the coffee world, we honor a pre-industrial, pre-mass-produced era when artisans took immense pride in their vocations, and superb quality was taken as a given. At Oways that honor is expressed by presenting only the finest Origin roasted coffee…


The quality of tea is destined by its master.

If you’re in the mood for a truly rare, exotic pleasure, then make sure to experience Nigiro perfected by our very own tea master…