Artisan Coffee


With it’s boldness and full flavor, coffee presents the Yang, balancing the Ying of Oways teas. By bringing together both the richness of the tea tradition and the craft of blending quality coffee drinks, Oways has fused the tea-house and coffee cafe together into a powerful blend of flavor options. Combining the quality and knowledge of the craft of the barista with only the finest roasts and beans, everyone from the coffee enthusiast to the casual after lunch drinker are all brought together in the special energy of focus that only great coffee can provide.

Origin Coffee Roasting

Origin: The Artisan Roasters of Africa

By giving credence to the artisans of the coffee world, we honor a pre-industrial, pre-mass-produced era when artisans took immense pride in their vocations, and superb quality was taken as a given. At Oways that honor is expressed by presenting only the finest Origin roasted coffee…